Girls compete with each other.Real women empower one another

Con esta Luna Llena en Acuario habran muchas mujeres al borde de un ataque buscando que hacer y como resaltar en otro lugar que no sea el hogar. No porque ser ama de casa sea nada malo, al contrario, sino que una vez que te das cuenta que eres capaz […]

Astro-Snacks for Busy Women>Lunes 21..Innovation!

•Amanecimos con Luna en Vacio(sin aspectos) en Tauro, re-conocida por llevarnos a placeres que despues lamentamos, por ejemplo: Comer demas. Anotalo en tu diario lunar nena, para que el mes que viene cuando Luna este por ese signo, sepas que te estimula y como estas bien consciente en el presente […]


“Wanna hear my masterplan?
Heres my masterplan.
Wanna hear my masterplan?
Here is my masterplan.
Hear my masterplan.
Fear my masterplan.

Me and my baby, now you know the deal
There’s no maybes be all you wanna be
Who are you? I knew you are me.

There’s nothing you can do
I’m on my way. Where are you?
They tell you you’ll never win
Don’t mind lets go for a swim

Believe what your dreams may bring
Now you will do something

And now when I’m so free
Take a chance on me
And this how forever will be”

Sag Moon trines all planets in Aries. One of them in Jupiter, Sag’s ruler.

Big plans, great things and the desire to achieve it all.

Today, be kind, be present, because every encounter will bring you an oportunity to learn.

The Moon is in waning phase to we have to share the peak of the last full moon, in every connection we will gain more insight to the Light within us.

the hot tub cosmic profitably theory:
work more on yourself, and the business will work more for you.
dissolve your misconceptions of deserving, and cash flows.
it’s all energy, baby.

Move the energy before you make a move for the results.
Want to write a killer chapter? Take a bath.
Want the check to arrive? Give some money away.
Want the love to come? Dance it out in your living room.

Want to slam down your to do list? Take the day off.

It’s not always a doing.
It’s a new seeing.
And people see you back.

Danielle LaPorte