Moon in Cancer:

Moon in Cancer is in her own element. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, so she is comfortable here.

The energy available is a double edge weapon:

On one hand, we can use this energy to connect, nurture, extend a hand to the female side inside and outside ourselves. The females in our family have stories to tell us, and we have oh- so much to learn, they can help us understand and heal.

On the other, we get deep inside to see that we have wounds that are not healed yet, and it aches.. so much to understand that it is time.

In any ways, this Moon is a highly sensitive one. We must be sweet with ourselves and with others.

Good day to cook, clean the house, bake sweets!, beauty routines. Good night for fertility. Take care of what you eat since Cancer rules the vessel aka: stomach.

Celebrate you female flame:

“Interestingly, however, the discrimination against woman that we may encounter in the spiritual world did not steam from a desire to deny woman equal rights. The reason for tit was exactly the opposite. Women did not need to pray as much as men because all of the energy of receiving and sharing is built in from the Endless World, from a time prior to the creation of men and women. Women are innately more spiritual beings. The female is born with tremendous spiritual power, whereas the male has to earn his.”

-Karen Berg in God wears Lipstick

So.. how much Yang can you yin?